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Accident Injuries

Finding Patricia was a blessing! My ankle was crushed in a car accident and after the surgery that added pins, a rod, and wire to my ankle there was considerable tightness, swelling and stiffness making it difficult to walk smoothly… The rest of the story “Accident Injuries”

Penny M.
November 11, 2017
Client, Feet, Massage, Myofascial Meridians

My Game Dramatically Improved!

Great massage! My neck felt like it was floating on a cloud and funny thing happened with work on my shoulder and elbows… it improved my bowling game over 40 pins above my average per game. Looking forward to my… The rest of the story “My Game Dramatically Improved!”

Richard B
March 28, 2015
Arms, Elbows, Wrists, Hands, Client, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Massage

Pain Relief

I am from Canada and searched for a massage therapist for chronic sciatic nerve issues as well as neck and jaw pain. Typically the doctor wanted to treat each with medication.  A chiropractor provided some short-term relief, but nothing that lasted.  My dentist wanted… The rest of the story “Pain Relief”

Liz S
July 28, 2014
Back, Ribs, Spine,, Client, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Massage, Myofascial Meridians, Trigger Points

Rotator Cuff Surgery Left My Hands Numb

After having Rotator Cuff surgery (5/16/11) my left arm hand and fingers (little one and the next one) started to really bother me.  The fingers felt as if they had been asleep and were just waking up (all the time).… The rest of the story “Rotator Cuff Surgery Left My Hands Numb”

Rosa C
June 26, 2014
Client, Head, Neck, Shoulders



2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  • Hello Tric! It’s Lori from Buffalo. We will be back down next week, 2/6 and leaving on 2/22. Teri and I would like to make appointments. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I sent you a text, not sure if you got the message.

    I can be reached at 716-349-4680.

    See you soon.

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