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    You told me how you make your bone broth but I can’t remember all of the ingredients. Any chance you could post the recipe and directions?
    Thank You.



    Thanks for the reminder!!

    I make bone broth on the stovetop because I do not have a crock pot large enough and the broth needs to be at a rolling boil before turning down the heat which is difficult in a crock pot. Grass fed bones are difficult to find in our area, so I do use bones from the butcher in Publix.They are stored in last door of freezer section closest to meat dept or ask ..

    Fill 10 qt stock pot with
    3-4 lbs of bones
    1/3 to 1/2 c. Apple cider vinegar
    The rest with GOOD water.
    Soak for 1 hr
    Then gently boil for 1 hr

    THEN Add:
    3 carrots
    3 celery stalks
    Med size onion cut in half
    You can certainly vary this to taste
    Do not peel the vegetables

    Bring back to a gentle boil and reduce to SIMMER
    Tsp SEA salt
    Tsp pepper
    Tsp garlic
    Tsp thyme
    Tsp basil

    I also add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. turmeric for inflammatory and flavor benefit and u can add any spices as you would any standard soup broth.

    Then Reduce to a SIMMER (being able to see slight or rolling boil)for 72 hours. STIR A FEW TIMES PER DAY.On a heat scale from 1-10, Broth is at a 2 most of day, 1 during overnight.

    Some recipes say 24 or 48 hrs, I have found 72 best for marrow to completely incorporate into broth and richer flavor.

    Water is added as broth reduces. I do this once or twice during each day other than last day. I fill and leave it. Otherwise I have found the broth tastes diluted.

    After approximately 72 hrs, can be a little more or less..

    Turn off
    Allow to cool an hour
    Drain or strain the bones well (I use a metal mesh strainer with a very slight rinse and shake, allow 30 minutes to drip) into another stock pot.

    Refrigerate overnight
    Remove layer of fat
    Stir WELL
    Add season to taste or not
    Pour into 8 1-pint mason jars
    Should yield about 1 gallon

    May seem like a few steps, but once you go through the process one time, its a SNAP!

    When first beginning with bone broth, I drank 1 pint per day.
    I also use it to cook with.Substitute for water or milk i.e., omelets..or steaming veggies or makin gravies…delish!

    Let me know how it goes! I firmly believe this broth has contributed to my family’s better health and wellness.

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